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Monday, June 30, 2014

What's the point to this spoiler?

Looking through the TV listings tonight to see if there's anything worth procrastinating over.

I see this listing on the Big Ten network. They are showing classic basketball games, which itself is a sign that I don't want to stay on target and do something useful. But look at the listing:

They identify the game (which is helpful). From the fact that it's "classic basketball" it seems likely that this is a competitive game.  But then they tell you the score.

What's the point to that? If I wanted to watch the game 9 years later, I either
(a) remember who won because I'm a rabid fan of Illinois, or
(b) don't want to know who won because I'd like to watch the game as it develops with a sense of suspense.

So for all of us in group (b), we've just been talked out of watching the game.

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