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Monday, October 16, 2006

iRobot, day 2

The battery being completely drained by the efforts of day 1, a deep charge was required, but it charged up overnight. I ran it again tonight. So far, so good. It tells you to empty it out after every 3 cleanings, but I've emptied it out 5 times so far, indicating both that it's working and that the basement was dirty.

The cat doesn't like it, but that's no surprise. She watches from afar and hissed a bit.

The only problems so far:
(1) it won't dock, probably because I can't find a place for the infrared to give it a direct shot, except for places I will step on.
(2) last night, the charge plates got a layer of dust on them and it wouldn't charge until I cleaned them off.

So, day 2 is a success. So far, I'm a happy customer. We'll see what the future holds. There's an enthuastic investor blogging at http://robotstocknews.blogspot.com/ He's citing a "best price" of $305 on the model I bought at CostCo for $259.

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