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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why not question their patriotism?

I really wish I'd written this, but Tom Gilroy did:


"Why is it that whenever the White House begins a full-scale character assassination on anyone who disagrees with their invented view of the world, they fall all over themselves to make it clear they're not attacking that person's patriotism?

"... If you can call John Murtha's bill to prevent under-equipped and unrested GI's from going back into Iraq 'anti-troop,' if you can question the validity of John Kerry 5 medals of valor... aren't you in fact questioning their patriotism, but are just too chickenshit to say so?

"Well, let's take the plunge; I question Bush and Cheney's patriotism. I question the patriotism of two arrogant tyrants who have never served in the armed forces ..."

There's more. It's a good essay.

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