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Monday, July 02, 2007

Signs of Glenview Optimism

It's hard to beat Glenview's current "It's Our Town, Please Slow Down" campaign for sheer optimism.
I don't think these campaigns accomplish much, but I live across the street from a school. When I was asked at the street sale if I would put up a sign in my yard, I figured "why not?". I gave them my name and address, and noted that this was a good thing so the village could keep track of which area of the village had heavier involvement in the campaign.
I put the sign up in my yard. It's a standard, corrugated plastic sign like politicians use. They are less than $2 each in bulk.
The optimism became apparent when I read the yard sign brochure this morning as I was eating my cereal. I wasn't given the sign; the Village lent me the sign for a 30 day period. "Residents ... will be responsible for returning their signs to the Village Hall." That must be why we need a bigger village hall -- so there's more space to store these. Note returning the signs involves processing the re-intake of the signs by village labor, following up with those residents who don't return the signs, and storing the signs as they come back. This combination of tasks seems likely to cost the Village at least the $2 the signs are worth.
But it gets better: "Residents should bring their signs inside at night to prevent theft." Is theft of corrugated plastic signs really a problem in Glenview? Do you think it would be sufficient if I used a heavy chain and a padlock instead?

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  1. I've already heard back from one fellow resident who had their sign stolen the first night.

    So, evidently, plastic signs are a theft item.