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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

High School Principal Plagarizes

Eric Zorn writes about Naperville Central High School Principal Jim Caudill, who delivered a speech last week at a school ceremony that included significant passages lifted without attribution from another source -- a source who happened to be a teacher at the school, present in the audience.

The list of lame excuses Caudill comes up with is pretty funny, and worth reading Zorn's column. But there's one thing he hasn't tried ... yet.

Caudill should adopt the rape defense and blame this on Nowicki-Prackett.

If her ideas were not so provocative, if her phrasing were not so evocative, Caudill would not have yielded to the temptation to steal her honorable prose.

Obviously, it's Nowicki-Plackett who should be fired.

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