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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Anglicans looking for problems

As if the Anglican church didn't have enough problems with gay bishops, women bishops, and potential schism -- they now have taken on toddler behavior at weddings.

Toddler 'ordered out of wedding'

The Church of England says it is taking a complaint that a couple's young son was ordered out of their wedding for being noisy "very seriously".

Relatives of the couple complained to the Diocese of Lichfield after the two-year-old was apparently asked to leave the church in Fenton.

The Archdeacon of Stoke-on-Trent, the Venerable Godfrey Stone, is carrying out an investigation into the matter.

A spokesman said a report would be prepared before any action was taken.

Lichfield Diocese spokesman Gavin Drake said the complaint was made by relatives of the couple following their wedding last Saturday.

He said: "The Venerable Godfrey Stone has been asked to carry out a preliminary investigation and then the Bishop can decided what steps, if any, can by taken.

"It is a serious allegation...

So what are the steps that might be taken?

The parents might be ordered to take both parenting lessons and get some counseling on perspective. Complaining to the diocese? About a wedding of a relative? With years of holiday family gatherings to come?

Or, the newlywed bridezilla might be ordered to babysit the toddler for a few nights.

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