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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Advertising that changes if you are in front of it.

Emily Steel, in today's WSJ writes about new ways to target advertising to the person in front of the ad:

Most of the experimentation by marketers is being done with the new digital screens that are appearing next to cash registers and in store aisles. Because cameras are embedded in many of these digital screens displaying the ads, marketers are hoping to serve up ads based on the consumer's appearance.

There's a picture of me down and to the right on this page. Look at that picture and tell me what ads you'd serve up. To me, this seems like more humiliation:

hair growth remedies
orthodontia to cure that overbite
hair dye, at least!
maybe a new shirt, sir?
is irregularity a problem?
have you bought a burial plot yet?

I think I'd rather read the ads targeted at somebody else.

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