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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barnes and Noble stuck in time warp

An e-mail invited me to join "My B&N", a service from Barnes and Noble. We buy a lot of books around here, so I clicked to join.

It wouldn't let me -- it said I needed to enable cookies, and provided instructions. The instructions proceeded to tell me how to enable cookies for the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 6.x: [version 7's been out for a year!!]
Internet Explorer 5.x:
Internet Explorer 4.x:
Internet Explorer 3.x:
Netscape Navigator 4.x: [Before shutting down, Netscape got to version 5]
Netscape Navigator 3.x:

No mention of Firefox (which is what I use) or Safari or even Opera.

I do allow cookies, so even the original error diagnosis was incorrect, probably because their software doesn't recognize any browser updates since, oh, 1999. So, I'm going to conclude that B&N doesn't really have their act together online.

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