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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Abby vs. Santa

When I was a small child, I waited for Santa to come.

Now, I’m waiting for my youngest daughter Abby to come back from college.

This is a big improvement, because Abby offers several advantages over Santa.


1. Abby won’t come down the chimney, so there’s no risk of needing an emergency rescue team.
2. Abby can spread sunshine and joy the whole year around, not just at one time of the year.
3. Abby’s willing to play Monopoly or Risk or Rummicube, unlike Santa.
4. Abby doesn’t abuse animals, such as reindeer, by making them work too hard.
5. Abby will help take down the Christmas decorations. Santa’s never any help.
6. You can reach Abby on a cell phone, at least sometimes.
7. It may be a tossup comparing Santa’s “Ho, Ho, Ho” and Abby’s laugh with a snort occasionally thrown in. I’ll go with Abby on this.
8. Abby’s name can’t be re-arranged to spell “Satan”.
9. Abby’s better to talk about bikes with.
10. Santa’s hair always looks the same. Abby provides more surprises. Will it be blue? Pink? Shaved off?

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad I check your Blog, Dad. What would I do without you?
    P.S. We need to make sure we play risk as often as possible this break. Also, let's talk bikes. Oh, and my hair is back to normal.