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Monday, December 08, 2008

How do I love thee? UK counts the gays.

I remember the fuss Bill Clinton got into when one of his early acts
was to try to allow gays in the military. I'm hoping Obama ducks
this issue for a while. There's also a good part of me that says
this isn't the type of info the government should be collecting as a
routine demographic.


UK's official surveys to include sexual orientation question
Office of National Statistics to gather better data on lesbian, gay
and bisexual groups

UK-- For the first time, the Office of National Statistics is to
include a question on sexual orientation in its surveys.

From January, participants in the ONS's main continuous surveys will
be asked to say whether they consider themselves
"heterosexual/straight", "gay/lesbian", "bisexual" or "other".

Participants will be shown a card and asked to read out the number
of their answer, to ensure confidentiality of responses. [Oh, right;
that will certainly ensure confidentiality.] They can also choose
not to answer the question or say that they don't know.

The question will be included in the integrated household survey,
the annual population survey, the labour force survey and the
English housing survey.

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