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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Republicans: the party of torture

Is this really a fight the Republicans want to pick?


Senate Republicans delayed a vote on the confirmation of Eric Holder to become attorney general for at least a week in order to pressure him to say whether he will prosecute intelligence agents for torture if they were following orders and acting within what they believed to be legal guidelines....

Holder told the Judiciary Committee last week that waterboarding is "torture" and therefore illegal. Susan J. Crawford, the top Bush administration official overseeing the trials of detainees, told the Washington Post that at least one individual held at the prison center at Guantanamo Bay was "tortured."

The question Republicans want answered before Holder is confirmed: Will you prosecute those who took part in that torture?

If I were a Republican, I'd be looking around at all the other crap going on -- the economy for one -- and not trying to remind the world just how morally bankrupt the Bush administration was on the torture issue.

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