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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Darwin Exception

One of the most entertaining blogs around is Kim's www.thedarwinexception.wordpress.com.

This isn't a blog post by Kim, but a newsgroup post, but you'll get the idea.

First, the news story:

NY man admits dumping Quebec woman's body in pit
2/27/2009, 10:54 a.m. EST

MALONE, N.Y. (AP) - A truck driver suspected of killing a Canadian
stripper has admitted to dumping her body in a northern New York gravel
pit after she disappeared in 2004.

Adam Morris of Malone pleaded guilty Thursday in Franklin County to
tampering with physical evidence. He admitted dumping Nathalie Fournier's
(NA'-tuh-lee for-NYAYES) body in a gravel pit near the Canadian border and
hiding her purse in his parents' garage.

The 28-year-old Quebec strip club dancer was last seen at a Canadian truck
stop in October 2004.

Her remains were found last fall after the 30-year-old Morris allegedly
admitted to Canadian police that he strangled Fournier in Quebec.

But Kim tells us the rest of the story:

Believe me, dumping this girl in the gravel pit (which is like a mile from
my house, btw), is the LEAST interesting thing about this case. I went to a
couple of hearings concerning this guy, mostly because I was downtown at the
time anyway, and just stopped in to court to listen, and the whole case is
just bizarre.

They arrested this guy on child pornography charges 4 years after the girl
went missing, not suspecting the guy of anything but the child pornography
stuff - and he just happened to confess to this murder - plus implicated
himself in a few other murders - as a "Oh, by the way...." kind of thing.
The authorities wouldn't have found the body at all - this guy led them to

And the weirdest part of the whole thing?? The WEIRDEST part is how he got
this girl over the border. The chick was DEAD in the front seat of his car,
and he gets to the border (he took her from Canada) and the border agent
doesn't even notice the girl is dead. Morris tells the agent "She's drunk -
passed out. Gone." And the border guy lets them through.

It was a big deal to determine if she died in Canada or here, because you
know, where do you charge the guy? But Morris confessed that he killed her
in Canada - so they get to charge him with murder.

But being able to get her across the border dead and sitting right in the
front seat of the car was really - creepy. I mean, I guess I don't expect
border agents to check the pulse of everyone entering the country - but
maybe they should at least rouse them enough that they can determine that
they are alive.

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