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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Have all the editors been laid off?

I don't think anybody is bothering to edit the stories that are appearing in the Tribune any more. Not only all the old line copy editors, but any copy editors at all, have been laid off. Today contains this gem, in an article on dishwashers:

"We're going out on a limb on the linehere and letting you know that in our unofficial survey of three salesmen at top Chicago-area appliance centers, plus a crew of repairmen, the one dishwasher that never seems to need repair is the German-made added provenance to make next sentence make senseMiele.“Nobody's ever called me to have one fixed,” says Williams, the Plass salesman. KitchenAid,OK according to folks in the appliance business, is the American-made dishwasher likely to last the longest."

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