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Friday, March 06, 2009

When even lawyers pray

From today’s Wall Street Journal, page c2, we see part of the unraveling of the Stanford Financial Ponzi scheme:


“On Feb. 5, three Stanford employees told Mr. Sjoblom [a top Washington lawyer employed by Stanford] that they wanted to report this new information to the SEC… The next day, one Stanford employee broke down crying … and Mr. Sjoblom “suggested they begin to pray together”. “


First the wisecrack: When your lawyer tells you to pray, you know the situation is really, really bad.


But on a serious note, Sjoblom’s advice is probably pretty good. Regardless of whether you think God intervenes in the Ponzi schemes of men, it’s a good idea to calmly realign yourself with the forces of the universe and ask God – or even yourself, if you don’t believe in God – to grant you the serenity to deal with an unpleasant situation.


Note: Sjoblom no longer represents Stanford.

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