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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chicago Olympic Cycling really in Wisconsin

Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid puts the cycling events in Wisconsin.


I think it's a great idea. See if Madison will take half the financial responsibility for the games.

As for me, I have Olympic fever. As in I'm sick of it. Can nobody remember Montreal 1976?

Can we not imagine doing a simple search-and-replace on the paragraphs below (multilying the numbers by a factor of 20 or so), and having them apply to Chicago 2016?


"The Olympics were a financial disaster for Montreal, as the city faced debts for 30 years after the Games had finished. The Quebec provincial government took over construction when it became evident in 1975 that work had fallen far behind schedule; work was still under way just weeks before the opening date, and the tower was not built. Mayor Jean Drapeau had confidently predicted in 1970 that "the Olympics can no more have a deficit than a man can have a baby", but the debt racked up to a billion dollars that the Quebec government mandated the city pay in full.
The Olympic Stadium, a daring design of French architect Roger Taillibert, remains a lasting monument to the huge deficit and as such is known as the Big Owe; it never had an effective retractable roof, and the tower was completed only after the Olympics. In December 2006 the stadium's costs were finally paid in full.[5] The total expenditure (including repairs, renovations, construction, interest, and inflation) amounted to C$1.61 billion. Today, despite its huge cost, the stadium is devoid of a major tenant, after the Montreal Expos moved in 2005."

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