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Monday, June 29, 2009

Jenny Sanford for Governor of Illinois?

Yes, that's right. The current first lady of South Carolina. It's an odd idea, but not entirely nonsensical.

From Illinois' side:
1. People are fed up with both parties. The Democrats have been in control the last few years and have mucked it up. The Republicans mucked it up before that. The only guy who seems to have a lot of respect is Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S. Attorney.
2. Ideally, the winning party should field a candidate who's not been associated with the mess of the last 12 years, BUT has enough name recognition and political instincts.

From Jenny Sanford's side
1. She's from Winnetka. You aren't a carpetbagger if you come back to where you went to high school.
2. Her political instincts are good. She's evidently run her husband's campaigns. She has a successful business career, albeit in investment banking.
3. As of last week, her name recognition is pretty good.
4. She's not under investigation by Patrick Fitzgerald.

But, you say, we have no idea where she stands on any issue. Sure, like we got any accurate information from Blago? Plenty of time for some position papers.

But, you say, if she was governor there'd be no first lady. Well, there isn't one now, with Quinn as governor. The state may be falling apart, but not because of that.

But, you say, would the Republicans nominate her? I remind you that this is the same party that nominated Alan Keyes of Maryland for the U.S. Senate. And are there loads of attractive candidates out there for the two big offices up next year (Senate and Governor)? Congressman Mark Kirk probably makes a strong candidate for Senate, but it's harder to see him as governor.

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