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Friday, June 26, 2009

Selling your soul at the U of Illinois

So here's how the University of Illinois works:

They let in unqualified / less qualified applicants who are recommended by politicians.

In return, they ask these politicians to find jobs for selected law students. These are "bottom-of-the-class students who face a hell of a time passing the Bar and otherwise getting jobs!", according to Heidi M. Hurd, then dean of the university's College of Law.

While they preferred jobs at good law firms, government jobs were also OK, "since kids who don't pass the bar and can't think are close enough for government work," Hurd wrote.

This matters to U of I because law school rankings depend, in part, on how successful the graduates are at getting jobs.

This is from the ongoing Tribune series on U of I admissions scandals, specifically John Kass today:


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