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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IRI Marketing Data Set: one year anniversary.

A year ago, Information Resources, Inc. released a large set of data on consumer packaged goods in the United States for academic research use. This is described in an earlier post:


More information about ordering this data set is here:
UPDATE FEB 2013: NEW LINK IS NOW http://www.symphonyiri.com/Insights/Academics/tabid/178/Default.aspx
The best description of the data set is in the Marketing Science paper (July-Aug 2009) available on that site by Bronnenberg, Kruger and Mela.

One year report:

1. We've shipped 89 data sets to approximately 160 individual researchers. This has included many universities outside the U.S.

2. There are at least two publications in press which use this data set. There were at least two presentations at the Marketing Science conference that used the data set. It's good to see it getting used.

3. We've released a 6th year of data, extending the set.

I admit that at times coordinating this has been a real pain, although it has also provided amusement. And one grateful graduate student sent me a silk tie from Thailand!

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