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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

No merit at the University of Texas

This is interesting. Years ago, Michigan State University got a lot of attention when they gave a free ride to any National Merit Scholar.

It's hard to believe this is about money. given the relatively modest award. This reminds me of when I was made a "University Scholar" during my last two years at UMSL. We got a certificate (suitable for framing, but not actually including a frame), got our name in the campus newspaper (I think there was a group picture with the chancellor), and got a scholarship -- of $25 a semester.

No more National Merit Scholars at U of Texas

September 5, 2009

In an effort to provide more need-based aid, The University of Texas at Austin is pulling out of the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Last year, the school enrolled more National Merit Scholars than any other college except Harvard University.

Of the 281 scholarship winners it enrolled last year, Texas sponsored 213 – a high number, considering most colleges sponsor fewer than 50. The remaining 68 were sponsored by companies and other groups.

Most National Merit Scholars at Texas received $13,000 over a period of four years.

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