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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Only first counts

Much angst in the media today about the fact that Chicago was the first of the four Olympic finalists eliminated. "Not Even A Bronze" said one headline.

Only first mattered. Nobody remembers or cares who wasn't awarded the games, or the order in which they weren't awarded.  This is a bit like having sweepstakes ticket 40285 when the winner is 40385.  Yes, you are one digit off, but so what? Does it really matter whether you are Madrid, Tokyo or Chicago, since none of the 3 cities got anything except the cost of preparing the bid?

Every cost overrun story out of London 2012 (and there have been a lot) should make us glad Chicago didn't get the Games.  The sales tax rate is already over 10%, we often have the most expensive gas in the U.S. thanks to the high gas taxes, the other taxes are no bargain, and they would only go up given the optimistic financing plans the Chicago 2016 committee put forth.

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