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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tidal wave 1 kilometer tall!

Who needs disaster movies when you have this sort of thing? This is a description of the Sudbury crater's creation:
"About 1.85 billion years ago, Earth's now separate landmasses were joined in a single supercontinent. That also means there was one large ocean, says Cannon. Many scientists suggest that the object that slammed into Earth then — probably an asteroid abut 10 kilometers across — splashed down in that ocean, in waters about 1 kilometer deep on the shallow shelf surrounding the supercontinent. Models hint that the tsunami spawned by the event would have been 1 kilometer tall at the impact site and remained at least 100 meters tall about 3,000 kilometers away, Cannon adds."
The more we find out about shocks that occur every few million years, the more we find out how they impact earth. We aren't just a part of earth's environment, but the universe as a whole -- and not just because the sun shines on us daily.

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