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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Should Craig's List Curmudgeon move to LinkedIn?

The blog "CraigsList Curmudgeon" used to point out particularly bad postings for jobs on Craig's List. Usually these were unpaid gigs for writers.

This one from LinkedIn isn't quite in this category, so I'm leaving the recruiter's contact info at the bottom. 

1. It might pay well. If it pays enough, I guess this doesn't matter.
2. It's a 3 month gig. No relocation. Must be on-site -- why?
3. In fact, you must start at 9 a.m. and there's no overtime. For a free-lance analytic gig at an ad agency?
4. You need 8-10 years of relevant experience, 3-5 years of direct experience, an advanced degree, strong presentation skills, you need to determine the data sources, assess the data quality, lead the data setup (sounds like you may have to spend the first 11 weeks assembling the data set).
5. "potential oppty to go full-time". It's such a great opportunity that in this long position description they can't be bothered to spell out the word "opportunity", as if they can't really bring themselves to pronounce the word, but just kind of mumble it under their breath. In fact, they do this twice, just to make sure we know this is intentional: "Contract 1099 oppty – potential oppty to go full-time"
6. Note that while you are "leading", you are the "subject matter expert".  Are they so clueless that they don't know that "subject matter expert" (SME) is a term invented by IT guys to demean people who actually understand the business? SME is a term of insult, like referring to a senior IT professional as a "coder". Furthermore, the terms "leader" and "SME" don't belong in the same description.
7. This is an important job, though. You get to work at an Ad Agency.  Not an "ad agency", but an "Ad Agency".

As I said, it's a rough economy out there and this might pay enough to be worthwhile, so I'm leaving the recruiter's contact info at the bottom. Make sure they pay you on time.

Marketing Mix Modeler
3 month 1099 contract – Chicago loop
Local candidates to Chicago only

This is a 3 month on-site contract position for an Ad Agency in the loop. You will serve as a subject matter expert leading quantitative modeling and produce actionable marketing mix analysis for firm's clients. The Contractor should be self directed with prior experience in developing market mix models for a variety of products. The position will report in to the Marketing Mix Practice Lead within the Customer Intelligence Department.

The Position
> As an integral part of the marketing mix team, identify the business objectives and financial specifics for marketing accountability specific to each client project.
> Strong presentation skill set required of data findings in laymen to external clients and internally across disciplines.
> Determine data sources and efficiency on spend of advertising dollars using analytic skill set to plan and secure the highest return on investment; assess data quality
> Apply deep understanding of mass media planning and buying, retail audits and scanner data, in-store marketing, direct marketing, online media metrics and elements in the marketing mix (including pricing, and distribution) to develop appropriate modeling strategies
> Lead the data setup, statistical analysis and build marketing mix models
> Derive key actionable insights and generate interactive marketing mix optimization tools
> Advanced degree with heavy quantitative coursework (e.g., marketing analytics, statistics, math, economics)
> 8-10 years' experience in marketing analytics or related field such as advertising, retail marketing, product marketing, direct marketing, online marketing, loyalty marketing, etc. Must have a strong background in market mix modeling supporting marketing applications with syndicated research.
> At least 3-5 years' experience in hands-on marketing mix modeling and time series analysis with syndicated data sources such as Nielsen, IRI; brand health data preferred
> strong quantitative skills and demonstrable experience in statistical/econometric modeling of marketing investment data
> Previous experience developing marketing models for a variety of products (CPGs, durables etc.) and service providers (financial, insurance, telecom etc.)
Technical Skills
> Good grasp of time series predictive modeling, forecasting, media/channel optimization and how they relate to marketing strategy
> Proficiency with SPSS/SAS, and advanced analytics required

40 hr work week on-site in loop; 3 month project; start-time is 9 a.m.; no OT
Contract 1099 oppty – potential oppty to go full-time

Qualified candidate send cover letter and resume to:

Note later Linda posted a better job, so to be fair to her I'm posting that one also.  Compare and contrast the two listings and you'll see what I'm complaining about here.

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