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Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4: Sioux Falls SD to Mitchell SD

77 miles

Rain in the night and early in the morning, which broke the wind pattern.  We had light winds from the NORTH (not the south!) and great cycling.

We had a bit of logistic difficulties so Beth and I did the first 52 miles and Abby and Beth the last 25. So Beth wins the iron woman award for today.

There was a dog that ran next to us for 5 or 6 miles -- we were going 15 or 16 at the time, so that dog had some stamina.  We also had a long section of road next to a flooded ditch. There were hundreds of small frogs on the road that would jump back into the tall grass as we rode up. 

Deb and I visited a prehistoric Indian museum and archaeological site in Mitchell and visited the Corn Palace, which is actually a concrete building now that they decorate with corn every year. Lots of corn murals, including this one of a cyclist. The Corn Palace is interesting if you are going through here, but not worth an extra trip.

It's Deb's birthday today, so we had good dinners last night and tonight to celebrate.

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