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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Togetherness at the North Shore Century bike ride

This North Shore Century question was too long to answer in a Facebook status post, so I'm answering it here and linking to it in Facebook.
* Some of us are riding 50, 62, 70 or 100. How long will we be able to ride together?
The routes overlap quite a bit. Here's a high level overview:
Evanston High (start) 
100, 70, 62, 50 all go to Northcroft Park, Lake Forest (mile 18) 
62 takes a 12 mile loop from Northcroft back to Northcroft
50 and 62 go from Northcroft Park, Lake Forest, to Sunset Woods Park, Highland Park. 
100 and 70 continue to Viking Park, Gurnee 
70 goes from Viking Park, Gurnee to Bowen Park, Waukegan
100 continues to Lincoln Park, Kenosha, and then Bowen Park, Waukegan (rejoining 70)  and then Sunset Woods Park, Highland Park (rejoining 50 and 62) and then back to Evanston High (finish). 
So, if some of you are riding different routes you will all be together for the first 18 miles. Depending on your speed and your fondness for hanging around rest stops you may meet up together later.
The 2010 North Shore Century ride is Sunday (next Sunday!) September 12 from Evanston IL to points north. For more info, see http://evanstonbikeclub.org/nsc/index.asp  This is a great ride and the "profits" go to bike related causes like the League of Illinois Bicyclists, Rails to Trails, Active Transportation Alliance (formerly the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation), Working Bikes Cooperative, the Recyclery and similar worthy causes.

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