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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a week!

Too much week in this week.

My father had heart surgery. He got through it pretty well for a guy with Alzheimer's and congestive heart failure who's 87, but that's a low bar.

I flew round trip from Chicago to Wichita -- via Atlanta!

Steve's truck got pelted by baseball size hail.  Shawn saved one of the hailstones in the freezer -- here's a picture of it next to an even larger hailstone -- possibly a state record -- that made it into the newspaper.

Abby wrecked our 1999 Mercury Mystique, probably totaled it. Abby is OK.  It's only metal and money, though. Nothing was injured, except for any reputation Abby had as a good driver.

Lots of stuff going on at work. Too much stuff.

 The paper Arvid and I submitted to a journal got rejected.

But there was a lot of good stuff as well.  Principally, the various interlocking families seemed to hold together pretty well through all of this, and that's to be very grateful for.

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