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Thursday, January 13, 2011

These models are ....

"These models are crap," says Hal Levison of the Southwest Research
Institute in Boulder, Colo. "They may be the best we can do, but they
are still crap."


Levison is talking about models of exoplanets, but it's a sentiment I've
wanted to express often in my own field. Let's see, most recently 3
days ago.

So what happened? I flew into a tirade (disturbing the entire corner of
the 4th floor, except for C.B. who was possibly making enough noise of
her own). But the tirade got enough attention and I think as a result a
potentially problematic issue will be avoided before it makes it to a
client. I almost regret that, because it may make me less likely to
control my anger next time. Tirades are not always the best approach to

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