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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Usually boxes that arrive for me are left on the porch, and my wife doesn't even
bring them in. If she does bring them in, they are left in the front room
without further notice.

So Thursday I was surprised when I arrived home and my wife said "This box
arrived for you today" and handed me a box. She seemed to be holding it a bit
gingerly, although that may have been my imagination.

When I saw "CAMPMOR" on the side of the box, I realized it wasn't my father's
ashes (which will probably arrive Monday), but some silk base layers I'd ordered
-- which came in handy on Friday, when it was very cold.

My father would have appreciated this. As a construction worker who sometimes
had to spend winter days outside, he was fond of what they called "base layer"
back then -- long underwear, usually made from cotton.

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