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Monday, May 30, 2011

One year later

What a year!
One year ago, Abby (my youngest of two daughters) graduated college.
On Memorial Day, Abby and I started our bike trip to Chicago.
17 days later, we arrived in Chicago, waited for Beth (my older daughter) to finish teaching school, and then the 3 of us (with Deb driving along) set out on our bike trip to the west coast. 30 days later, we arrived in Florence, OR.

Much more detail on the bike trip is in earlier blog posts, and here:
In October, Abby was married to Luke Howard, followed by a Halloween costume reception.

My father was fading, so we started looking for a nursing home.  He faded faster than expected, though, and we just got him situated after several cardiac events when he died.
Crowning the year, yesterday Beth (my older daughter) married Trey Sanders.

I’m looking forward to further adventures in the next year!

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