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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holy Cow! Cards are NL wild card

Carpenter pitches the Cards over Houston, as Atlanta completes one of the great collapses of all time by losing the Phillies in 13 innings.

Interestingly, possibly the greatest collapse in baseball history had the Cards winning the 1964 pennant over these Phillies.  I was a freshman in high school and remember this vividly.

The Braves were 10½ games ahead of St. Louis before play on Aug. 26. They were still up by 8½ games on the morning of Sept. 6. Instead of popping champagne for a second straight trip to the playoffs, they became the first team in major league history to blow a lead of at least eight games for a playoff spot in September.

But the Atlanta collapse has company this year. The Red Sox joined Atlanta in choking in 2011. The Red Sox held a nine-game lead over the Rays in early September. This might possibly be the biggest joint collapse in baseball history, but all such marks are subjective.  The choke that hurts most is the choke your own team does.

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