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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tattoo Barbie

At first I was appalled.  I’m not a tattoo fan [insert standard rant here].  But this is designed for collectors, not for little girls. Who knows what other stuff is out there in the collector market?



http://www.csmonitor.com/Business/2011/1020/Barbie-doll-tattoos-Is-new-doll-appropriate-for-kids?cmpid=ema:nws:Weekend%20Newsletter%20%2810-22-11%29&cmpid=ema:nws:NzQ4MDUzNzY5MAS2  has the full story.  There’s a nice slide show of historic / exotic Barbies.

Our own Barbies

Our two daughters were decent Barbie fans.  Beth’s first one was Space Cadet Barbie (astronaut Barbie was years in the future). Barbie’s head was in a big plastic bubble.

Barbie’s shoes were always getting lost.  Then we got a cat, Fritz, who was fond of chewing on the feet of the Barbie dolls.  “I felt sorry for Barbies that had no shows until I found Barbies that had no feet”.

We had a plastic box full of old Barbie body parts.  Beth and I were going to make a mobile out of the Barbie arms and legs and bodies and heads, put red nail polish in appropriate spots, and hang it by the door on Halloween.  Deb strongly objected to this as too grisly. I’m still not sure why this is any more objectionable than the standard Halloween stuff, but we agreed not to do it.

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