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Friday, November 11, 2011

Dallas Symphony math

The Dallas Symphony is likely to be involvent soon.

There’s a numbers story here, and perhaps a matter of perspective.

How’s attendance been?

[Dallas Symphony Board Chairman Blaine] Nelson says that acclaim has not translated into ticket sales. … "I mean, our paid attendance, on average, for all concerts is less than 65 percent, so the hall is virtually empty.”

Virtually empty? 65% doesn’t sound so bad to me as an average.  It certainly doesn’t sound like “virtually empty”.

65% would rank 14th among 30 major league baseball teams.

It’s lower than any NBA team in 2010 (lowest was 69%, for the Nets).

But, it looks to be higher than any WNBA team, although that assumes that the WNBA and NBA teams are playing in the same space, since there’s no percentage of capacity given.

My point is this: at 65% attendance, should you be losing millions of dollars?

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