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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas, when I get insulted

Christmas afternoon, I decided to take a walk. It was cold, so I had my work jeans on, hiking boots, a hoodie and a windbreaker.  I didn’t really have a destination, but ended up at the 24 hour Walgreens about 2 miles away, and bought some ice cream for dessert and some chewing gum.

On the way back, I was going to cut through the sidewalk behind Goode and Fresh Pizza to go through Sleepy Hollow Park. I wanted to throw out the gum wrapper so I went up to the dumpster behind Goode and Fresh.

When I turned around, there was a policeman getting out of the car, investigating why I was behind the building. A brief interview, and I was on my way.

“How did those jeans get dirty?” asked my wife when I returned home. They’re the jeans I work around the house and yard in. I don’t remember how they got dirty. They are supposed to be dirty – otherwise it doesn’t look like I’ve been working.

“You look like a derelict in those dirty jeans and that old windbreaker. That’s probably why the policeman investigated you.”

I explained that the policeman was actually a policewoman – a striking blonde in her 30’s – but my wife stuck to her derelict theory.

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