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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long term care insurance: post #1

Financial writer Terry Savage has a lot of articles on long term care insurance (LTCI). I’m going to have a series of posts on this topic, but will start by linking to some of Terry Savage’s. Clearly, she likes long term care insurance.  With that established, we will move on to post 2.

How is a 90% long-term care rate hike OK? – Chicago Sun  Times


Don’t drop long-term care when rates rise


and this summary listing


which contains such articles as these:

We're in mass denial of long term-care realityLong

Plan while you can for long term care

Father knows best on investing – sometimes
" My father insists if I buy a policy that I should have a lawyer look at it. He seems to feel that it is better to take that premium money and invest it in long term mutual funds.”

A long term care policy is a financial protection

Make time now to look into long term care insurance

Self-insurance can be a matter of self-preservation
Q: Do you have a rule of thumb as to how much you would need in order to self-insure for long term health care?

Long-term care insurance is a must
Q: I have been considering long term care insurance it for my wife and myself. I am 58 and my wife is 59. We are retired and have a net worth of about $3 million and a pension income of $93,000 a year. Do I really need long term care insurance or should I consider myself self insured?

Maximize the money when planning long term care

Peace of mind for golden years

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