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Monday, August 13, 2012

Chicago bike maps

A friend asked me for a brief guide to bike routes in the northern Chicago area, so I’m listing a few here:


City of Chicago bike map is here:


with each section a separate web page. Here’s Rogers Park (just south of Evanston), along with part of Evanston http://www.cityofchicago.org/cityinfo/cdot/bikemap/usemap/3-N.html


Evanston area bike map is here:



There’s a 6 county map which is the best map for covering the overall metro area. That’s just available in hardcopy for $10 – it’s a fundraiser for the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation (now renamed ATA – Active Transportation Alliance).


I think I have an extra copy at home.


There are more links and resources at www.thechainlink.org , which is a social site for area bicyclists



Lists of more maps are here


The state of Illinois bike maps by county are not useful, unfortunately.


The Evanston Bicycle Club (I’m a member) site is here:


The EBC does about 400 rides a year; it will skew older but you’re certainly welcome.

We do a large invitational century (1600+ riders) on Sept 23 each year. Info here:


I’m route chair, so I have to work that day, but Beth is trying to organize a group.

The club’s cue sheet library is here:


(although it will be hard to figure out what cue sheets might be relevant, since they refer to landmarks you aren’t familiar with).



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