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Friday, December 28, 2012

What is that little wheel?


A friend sent me this; it seems to have come from France earlier, but the source is uncertain. The reflectors on the wheels are US CPSC regulations, but I don’t know if they are required anywhere else.

But it leaves a question: What is that little wheel just behind the front wheel? What’s it for?

Could it be training wheels? But training wheels are on the back wheel.

Could it be that the front rack comes off, and forms a sort of wheeled cart for shopping?

Could that be a generator, providing energy for a light when Rudolph isn’t available?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Update: The Answer!

Reader David B. writes:

I think I recognise the bike as fairly typical and effective gear for delivery staff of Deutsche Post AG. See - 
Can I suggest that the prize for this is the Brompton folding bike I have long coveted....? 

David, you can suggest anything you want, but you will have to continue to covet that Brompton.

But David seems exactly right. How appropriate Santa has a delivery bike!

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