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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chicago relegated to minor league status?

In soccer, they use relegation.  The two teams with the worst record in the “A” league move down to the “B” league (and the two best in the “B” league move up to the “A” league to replace them).

If major league baseball did that, Chicago would lose both its major league teams. The White Sox and Astros would move down from the American League, and the Cubs and Marlins would move down from the National League.

There were high hopes for the White Sox after they almost made the playoffs last year.  The Cubs seem to have done most of their talking off the field, as they lobby the city of Chicago to get Wrigley Field upgraded so they can make more money.

As for me, I grew up in St. Louis and it’s natural to have an affinity for the team you rooted for as a teenager, so I’ve been paying more attention to the Cardinals lately.  And my nephew works for the Rangers, so I hope they can stage a late rally and make the playoffs.

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