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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Luke Kruger-Howard's Book Takes on the Forces of Capitalism [or, who says there's no such thing as free comics?]


Luke Kruger-Howard has a new book. 110 pages.

Free, although donation encouraged. This is an experiment.

Luke Kruger-Howard (He/Him) is an Ignatz nominated cartoonist living in New Hampshire where he takes care of a toddler full-time. A graduate and former teacher at The Center for Cartoon Studies, Luke's work has popped up in numerous places - stuff like The New Yorker, The Nib, Slate, Best American Comics, the AV Club, Buzzfeed, Google and the like. Some of his comics include Talk Dirty To Me (AdHouse Books), Our Mother (Retrofit/Big Planet Comics), Trevor (self-published and Ignatz nominated), The Big Mystery Case (Self published), and a handful more. He has been spending a lot of time recently dreaming about ways artists might be able to better separate their art practices from capitalism. GOES BOOKS is an experiment in that vein.
For more info about this project AND TO GET YOUR COPY: Home (google.com)

For more information about other works by Luke: And So Then

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