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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Forget Waldo. Where's Schiller?


"By DAVID RISING, Associated Press Writer Sun May 4, 12:12 PM ET

"BERLIN - Who is buried in Friedrich Schiller's tomb? Several
people, apparently, but none of them the famous poet and playwright,
according to new research. ...

"Schiller had been buried in Weimar's Jacobs cemetery in a common
grave. In the attempt to exhume his remains, 23 skulls were dug up
[in 1826], and the city's mayor, Carl Leberecht Schwabe - a Schiller
fan - declared that the biggest must have been that of the
philosophic writer. [Gotta love that logic!]

"According to the DNA results, however, none of the skulls were
matches, MDR reported. The researchers used comparison samples taken
from the remains of two of Schiller's sisters and two of his

"Seemann said he thinks that the remains must still be in the
original Jacobs cemetery - but added that his organization would not
be taking part in any new search for them."

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