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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remembering the Phold

Blinky responded to my previous post about the Cubs, in which I mentioned the Phold (1964 Philadelphia Phillies collapse)

> Holy shit! That would be hard to beat for a last-two-weeks
> collapse.

I particularly remember this because I was from St. Louis, and in
the fall of 1964 I entered a seminary. No TV, no radio, no
newspapers, no telephones. No talking during meals, class, or study
hall. No leaving the grounds. Each night, just before final prayers
and lights out, we would be given the baseball scores. It seemed
impossible that Philadelphia could lose so many, and excruciating to
wait for the next day's scores for the Cards, Reds, and Phillies.

There must have been fellow students who cheated and had an AM radio
with KMOX tuned in so they could listen to Harry Caray and Jack
Buck, but I never found a source for earlier scores or more detail.

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