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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hope in 2009

2009 starts out as a mixed bag.

+ the end of George W. Bush.
+ the start of Obama.
+ Healthwise, myself wife and daughters are all in good shape.
+ It's been a great family Christmas Holiday for the four of us, which starts the new year off on a high note. Almost two weeks and I can't remember a single notable argument.
+ Due to conservative strategies, luck, and miserly spending habits, we're still in good shape financially. Last year was a big portfolio hit, but not a critical one.
- My company has announced no pay increases, the end of the 401K match, and January layoffs. Plus, I think they've completely forgotten about replacing the employee showers that were temporarily closed in 2006 to remodel the executive floor. This makes bike commuting harder -- after a 20 mile ride, it's nice to shower. Of course, if I don't survive the layoffs I won't give &#@! about the showers.
+ My wife's niece is getting married and her nephew just made her an aunt (by blood) for the first time. This has her pleasantly excited.
+ I'm getting Beth's old room stripped and painted in January so I can use it as an office. I'm looking forward to moving out of the unfinished, unheated basement digs I've been in since 1987. I can't decide which room to attack next.

As I look above, I see a lot of "+" and only one "-", albeit a big one.

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  1. I was hit a bit hard by the 401K news myself. I'm not sure why, since I currently can't even contribute. I equated it to a 3% across the board pay decrease, so it seems very dire. I also liked that they "might consider" reinstating the match when the economy improves.

    Glad to hear 2009 is starting out well for you otherwise. I hope we both survive January!