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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Calendar math fun month

Lots of interesting calendar anomalies this month.


The year started with a binary date:

01/01/10 or 010110  (22 if you have to know).


Today, January 2, is a palindrome date (same backward and forward):

01/02/2010 or 01022010 (or, if you do your dates in sortable order as 2010/01/02 it will still work).


The next few days can all be considered palindromes:




But you have to stretch it a bit. Why add the zero to the month, and leave it off the day?


January 10 we are back to binary dates:

01/10/10 or 011010 (26 if you have to know)


January 11 we have a binary date and a palindrome:



January 22 is a good palindrome as well:



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