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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Settling in

We moved into the condo five weeks ago, and it's working well.

There haven't been any big surprises, but a few small things:

1. We're still donating/throwing out stuff that passed the test at the house and we moved over here.

2. More trips to the hardware store than I expected.  A new handheld shower, some brackets to keep the blind cords out of the way, lightbulbs to replace those burned out, organizers, a Dustbuster.  This will tail off as we settle in.

3. Moving next to the Glenview Park Center (1/8 mile track, pool, therapy pool, fitness club) in Gallery Park (lots of walking trails) should keep us healthier longer. I've been exercising regularly for 20 years, but using the equipment at home -- a stationary bike, Nordic Trak, and free weights (and those five bicycles in the shed).  All that at-home equipment took up too much space to move, so I only kept some dumbbells.  But it's been fun to try out different equipment and do different stuff each time.

There are a bunch of TVs in front of the aerobic equipment, and when you are on the equipment you can choose which screen you want to listen to -- but the channels are controlled by the staff desk. I'm truly amazed that Fox News and CNN are so popular. ESPN and the other sports channels I understand, although I'd rather watch almost any sport being played than listen to people talk about sports. Unless I've asked for it, I've never seen PBS on.

4. Before we bought the place, my wife indicated she wanted to replace the carpeting in the bedrooms with hardwood, "eventually".  "Eventually" will come sooner than I thought. I hadn't considered the clash between off-white carpeting and our lifestyles.  We are not off-white carpeting people.

5. Cats. In her younger days, our 16 year old cat was primarily an outdoor cat, although she'd been spending more time inside as she got older.  When we took in our daughter's two cats, the cats never got along and our cat again was mostly outside. My daughter's cats never went outside.

I thought it would be hard to keep our cat inside the condo, but now that the other cats are gone she shows no interest in leaving the condo.  This is convenient for us, but an indication of how poorly she got along with my daughter's cats.

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