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Sunday, November 01, 2020

Support page for FANS of Fr. Hugo's Family Food Challenge - tour of Haiti

This is the support page for FANS who are following the food challenge, but not directly participating by logging their exercise miles.  The PARTICIPANT page is here: https://www.truncatedthoughts.com/2020/11/support-page-for-participants-in-fr.html 


Q. What's this all about again?

A. Fr. Hugo, C.P.’s Family Food Challenge fulfills the most basic of food needs to single-parent families in Haiti to build their strength for job seeking, education for their children, and all the most basic needs of survival. And those needs include genuine hope to counter the harsh challenges of Haitian life. We help by becoming more aware of our own personal wellness while providing literal nutrition to the most needy people in our hemisphere. To participate, you will walk, run, or perform some other physical activity that contributes to your team’s “virtual” tour Haiti. The tour has plenty to teach and entertain. Watching your progress on the tour is 100% fun. All members receive email postcards as milestones are reached. You can also sign up as a fan, receiving the same postcards, and donate in support. With our help, Fr. Hugo can deliver literal sustenance to Haitian people who a short time ago saw no way out of shattered dreams and brutal barriers to security, health, housing, employment, and education.

Fr. Hugo, a Passionist priest, is a "friend of a friend" of those organizing this fundraiser, who attended a Passionist seminary for several years, but did not become priests.

Fr. Rick Frechette, C.P., D.O. is a priest and physician who founded St. Damien's Hospital in Haiti. You'll find out about him, too.

Q. How do you become a fan?

1. Make a donation to this effort.
Go to https://passionist.org/make-a-donation/  
In the dropdown box, should choose Haiti – Fr Hugo’s Food Ministry as a choice. 

2. Email mike.kruger@outlook.com, with "Haiti" as the subject. This will make sure you are updated with the milestone "postcards".

Q. What does a fan get?

A.  As teams pass various milestones along their tour of Haiti, email postcards are generated with information about the area they are doing through, and about the work that's being done there.

For participants, these are automatically generated as their team passes the milestone. For fans, we will send this same material out every few days -- so the email may include several postcards.

Q. Can I join as a participant later?

A. Yes. See instructions found here.

Q. Can I donate more than once?

A. Of course!
Go to https://passionist.org/make-a-donation/   again.
In the dropdown box, should choose Haiti – Fr Hugo’s Food Ministry as a choice. 

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