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Sunday, November 01, 2020

Support page for PARTICIPANTS in Fr. Hugo's Family Food Challenge - tour of Haiti


This page has information for PARTICIPANTS (i.e. people who have enrolled in the My Virtual Mission and are entering their exercise).  The information for FANS (who are just watching) is https://www.truncatedthoughts.com/2020/11/support-page-for-fans-of-fr-hugos.html

How to get started

All the information you will probably need is in this document: 

This has sections on:

1.      Information about your mission

2.      How to join the mission

3.      How to participate in the mission

4.      How to make a donation

5.      How to invite others

6.      Information about the map

7.      Information about the leaderboard

8.      How to access help and support

9.      Activity conversion chart (also below)

What's on this page:

Help! How to get (more) Help!
Activity Conversion Chart: How many miles is gardening worth?
Link to Fr. Rick Frechette's videos

Help! How to get Help!

If all else fails, contact Mike.Kruger@outlook.com with your questions. 
Please try to ask questions he knows the answer to. 

Activity Conversion Chart

"What if I did something other than walk, run or cycle"?
Use this activity conversion chart!

Example: If you worked in the garden for an hour, give yourself credit for 2.40 miles.
Activity miles in 1 hour
Aerobics, low intensity 3.84 
Aerobics, high intensity 5.46 
Aerobics, step 4.62 
Badminton 3.96 
Ballet dancing 3.60 
Baseball 3.90 
Basketball 3.90 
Bowling 2.16 
Boxing 6.66 
Calisthenics 3.18 
Canoeing 2.76 
Cheerleading 3.00 
Circuit training (squats, lunges, pushups, burpees, situps, etc.) 6.00 
Climbing, indoor/outdoor 8.10 
Croquet 2.28 
CrossFit 7.50 
Dancing 3.30 
Elliptical trainer 6.12 
Fencing 5.46 
Fishing 2.76 
Football/soccer 6.00 
Gardening or yard work 2.40 
Golf (carrying clubs) 3.30 
Grocery shopping 2.04 
Gymnastics 3.66 
Handball 10.44 
HIIT 7.50 
Hiking / orienteering 6.96 
Hockey, Field and Ice 7.20 
Horseback riding 2.70 
Housework 2.16 
Ice skating 2.52 
In-line skating/Rollerblading 5.70 
Jumping to conclusions 0.01 
Jumping rope (skipping), fast 9.00 
Jumping rope (skipping), moderate 7.50 
Kayaking 4.56 
Kickboxing / MMA 8.70 
Lacrosse 7.26 
Martial Arts 7.08 
Mowing lawn 3.60 
Pickleball 4.20 
Pilates 2.76 
Punching bag 5.40 
Raking lawn/leaves 3.66 
Racquetball 5.46 
Refrigerator door opening 0.001 
Rowing 4.44 
Rowing machine 6.36 
Rugby 9.12 
Sailing, boat and board 2.76 
Shoveling snow 4.38 
Skateboarding 3.06 
Skiing, light/moderate 3.30 
Skiing, cross-country 3.42 
Sledding 4.74 
Snowboarding/snowshoeing 5.46 
Snowmobiling 3.18 
Softball 4.56 
Spinning 6.00 
Squash 10.44 
Stair climbing, machine 6.00 
Stair climbing down stairs 2.16 
Stair climbing up stairs 5.46 
Steps: about 2000 in 1 mile
Surfing 2.76 
Swimming, Butterfly 8.16 
Swimming, freestyle/breaststroke 5.46 
Swimming, treading/leisure 3.48 
Table tennis 3.60 
Tae Bo 7.50 
Tai Chi 1.20 
Tennis 6.00 
Trampoline 2.70 
Volleyball 2.76 
Washing a car 2.16 
Water aerobics 3.48 
Water polo 9.12 
Water skiing 4.38 
Weight lifting, light 2.04 
Weight lifting, heavy 5.22 
Wrestling 4.38 
Yoga 1.38 

Links to Fr. Rick Frechette's Videos



Q. Why do I sometimes get more than one milestone postcard emails in a day, and other days get none?

A. It depends on when your team reaches the place on the route where the postcard email is generated. This depends on how fast your team makes progress.  In addition, the milestones are closer together in Port-au-Prince than they are out in the countryside.

Q. Can I forward the postcards to others?

A. Yes! Please do! In this way, we might get more people to contribute.

Q. My smart device seems to miss my exercises, or it doublecounts my exercises.

A. I've had this problem with Google Fit. Sometimes it will post entries a day late. If it misses an exercise, you can add it manually on your smartphone or laptop at myvirtualmission.com.  If there are duplicate entries and you want to get rid of one, there's an X in the upper right you can use to delete an entry (circled in red below).

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